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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "Farm Boy's First Job, Part Two" by Jay Roberts Gay RuralJoshua lay breathing easy as he slit open his eyes and gradually came to
life. He saw Jeff Adams, still naked across the room and with him was, he
guessed, the brother Chris who looked so much like him, only blond and
hairless face. Chris slowly removing his clothes. Nude, he looked like
Jeff even more. True he didn't have that patch of hair on his chest and
true his pubic hair was light brown instead of black, but he had the same
lithe body. They were both good looking young men, Jeff could not deny."I think he's coming to," said Chris. "Speak to him. Get him to do what
we both want."Jeff pulled himself up trying to as dignified as he could, being naked.
"Boy, you have one further task to perform. If you do well, you can count
on a salary of six figures a year."Josh wasn't sure what that meant, but it sounded good. He got up to his
full height exposing him imposing front to the gaping brothers. He knew
that in situations like this, you had to get a little bossy. He fixed
himself to speak with authority. "Tell you want, employers, suppose you
too git into that office there and prepare yourself for me. I'm agonna
wash up forum links web lolita and I'll be there pronto."The brothers looked at easy other. Their eyes rolled up. Oh how they
liked to be ordered around. That had visions of receiving a top notch
fuck. They quickly went into Chris office and awaited Josh.Josh got up and stared at the closed door to the office. He guessed he
ought to knock and find out if he got the job. He didn't bother to dress.
It seemed to him that the brothers were nudists and liked to be undressed."Cum in!" was the response to his knock. When the door swung open he was
amazed to see that both young men were side by side on a study coffee
table, resting on their arms with their asses in the air. The brothers
were already huffing and puffing at the sound of the hunky farm boy's
entrance and they lifted their asses higher."My oh my," mused Josh, accustomed to examining livestock. "These are fine
hind quarters." He moved close and leaned down, his face just a few inches
from their ass holes. They were now almost moaning in expectation. "Now I
see the Jeff has a little ring of fine black hair around his hole and that
looks mighty fine and sexy. Chris is plain, hairless, but the color pink
shore looks better than good."He took his farm boy hand and rubbed the dimple on each fellows ass. Chris
was smooth as silk; Jeff soft and fuzzy. "I cain't hardly 'cide which one
is the best. I guess I'll have to try them both." That lolita 14 years pic
produced loud
sighs from the boys.He felt himself getting real riled up as his blunt cock cover began to roll
up his shaft and the whole organ lifted toward his belly. He found his
eyes were getting squinty and his breathing audible. Without deciding to
do it, his hands snaked out, his right preteen nudes lolitas galleries to Chris and his left to Jeff and he
took his index finger and petted each guy's pucker. He giggled at the
reaction. Waves of goose pimples played up and down the slim handsome
backs. Soon beads of sweat broke out and the boys began grunting like barn
animals."Well my goodness. I do think you milk mares are ready." He reached under
each guys belly and grabbed their stiff cocks and began his familiar
milking technique, squeeze and stroke, over and over again. pedo cp illegal lolita Pretty soon
the boys were moaning at full tilt and their ass holes were opening and
closing in need."Please," they said in unison, "Don't torture us any longer.""Oh 'cuse me. I'm not bein' nice. You mares are ready for breedin' I'm
sure."Josh remembered the times that his brother begged to be entered. Josh had
learned a way of making his brother real happy. He'd enter about a third
of his cock and then make rapid motions in and out. That seemed to work in
stimulating that hot spot inside and his brother would go into helpless
throws of excitement.He entered Jeff. Jeff howled in pleasure. Then Josh did his trick and
Jeff's back blushed hot red and his ass moved back and forth in helpless
ecstasy. Chris saw and looked lovingly at his brother. "Kiss yur brother
Mr. Chris. It'll make him real happy."Chris hesitated a moment, then puffed out his pretty lips and fastened them
on his half conscious brother who kissed back hungrily."Now that's a sight to see. I knew you too loved each other."He slowly pulled out of Jeff and slammed into Chris. Josh was getting
close to spewing so he chucked away the finesse. Chris loved the pain of
entry and shouted his thanks. Josh realized that the slim perfect ass
cheeks were pleading to be spanked. He gave a smart slap to the right one.
Chris called out a chocked thanks. Josh didn't spare the left one and the
noise of the slap roused Jeff who kissed him brother tenderly.Back and forth went Josh, giving each brother a vigorous fucking. They
were both drunk with passion and reduced to babbling and drooling. All
this activity had its effect on the beautiful stud farm boy. He croaked
out the information that he was about to deliver the milk and his lusty
cock dribbled a few pearls, then the second was a deluge. He made sure
each of his future young bosses got a potion. With six heavy spurts he was
able to forum links web lolita bring each young man to their own climax as they bathed the coffee
table with their spunk.Josh got up shakily. The two brothers helped each other up.Jeff said, "You got the job!"Chris said, "And you can have a company car and credit card. You going to
find the work easy. A few TV appearances and our asses to treat well.Jeff asked, "Do you accept?""I surely do. Now kin I start work later today. Let me know when yur
rumps and ready again."
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